Five ways Scoop drives impact for Transportation teams

As a transportation leader, commuters from your organization will look to you for guidance and support at every step of their return to the workplace. You’ll be the one directly supporting their return, ongoing commute, and overall safety but also playing a pivotal role in ensuring your organization’s business continuity. After all, creating a safe workplace every day starts with a safe commute.

Transportation teams are now on the front line of helping to ensure this business continuity, promote safety, and mitigate risk by making smart investments in flexible commute solutions. Here’s how providing a complete commute solution with Scoop empowers you to solve these new challenges:

1. Usage-based costs for you, predictable pricing for your employees

Scoop scales up and down to meet employee demand and usage to ensure your organization can maximize its commute spend. The investments you make into Scoop pass through to your employees by directly offsetting the costs of their commute, making it easy for your organization to promote financial well-being for your employees. A recent study from Bankrate shows that nearly half of all American households report that COVID-19 is having a negative impact on their finances, so this is top of mind for your people. Offering a complete solution like Scoop helps solve multiple pain points with one investment.

2. Support employee shift away from unsafe modes

Employee health and safety is a top priority, and commuters are already signaling a massive shift away from transportation modes they perceive as unsafe. In Scoop’s May 2020 commuter survey, respondents overwhelmingly viewed carpooling as a safe alternative to other shared modes, with 85% of commuters saying it was safer than public transit and 69% saying carpooling was safer than shuttles or vanpools. By investing in Scoop, you create more equity in your transportation program offerings by providing the choice of a safe, reliable, and convenient commute to every employee every day.

3. Get insight and control over your program investments

Transportation teams need to show the impact of the investments they make, which is why you’ll get real-time insights into Scoop usage and growth with your dashboard. The Scoop dashboard provides you the metrics you need to measure your program performance, unlock insights to grow adoption and usage, and get hands-on access to your commuter roster and the ability to manage eligibility.

4. Help ensure business continuity

Safety for your worksites begins the moment employees step outside their door and start their commute. Safety is so important to employees that in a recent Scoop commuter survey, over 85% of respondents ranked it as their top concern about commuting. Any exposure risks your employees face during their commute will extend into your workplace, which can disrupt business continuity. Unlike other transit investments, Scoop helps ensure every commute is safe by enforcing leading health and safety protocols, which provides door-to-door standards your organization can depend on.  

5. Commuter benefits are more important than ever

COVID-19 has changed nearly everything about how we work, but especially the benefits employees want and value. In a recent Scoop commuter survey, 85% of respondents said having a safe and healthy commute is important. Since safety in the workplace begins the moment employees step outside the door, benefits that solve for the commuter are no longer just a “nice to have” but table stakes for safe and equitable workplaces.

The bottom line: This is a pivotal moment for transportation leaders. Your decision making and implementation ability will have a huge impact on your entire organization for a long time to come.

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